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call your dad a sexy beast and wink at him while grabbing their bum

make your friend fill bad by calling them fat and that they need to loose weight

you can also tell you dad that they should of gone to specsavers that always creates a atmosphere and to be precise prank call them while they are working and tell them they have missed a meeting to make them worried sick and cut all there hair off while they sleep (in all areas of the human body) and say you want a baby brother or sister that makes them sweat and put one of there slippers in the bin in front of there face and smash one of their favourite glasses or plates on the floor and act like you have a bit in your foot and make them pull it out with there teeth otherwise threaten them by saying your moving out! tell your mum and dad that one of your close family members are in hospital when they get their jackets on tell them you JOKING if they don't find it funny but a brick through their windscreen and rip up their carpet and sayy it was a fox.... i hope this helped it worked great for me . me and my friends have some funny times with these edgy jokes :) xxxxxxxx

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Q: What are some good and funny forfeits?
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