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Here are some games:

Do-It!_Dice">Do-It! Dice


· 2 Square Cardboard Boxes

· White Paint

· Markers

· Dice

To Play

· Buy or find two square cardboard boxes and paint them both white. On each side of the square, write a command or a stunt, such as "Sing our National Anthem," "Hop up and down," "Spin around in circles," and so on.

· Have the kids gather in a circle with the "Do-It! Dice" in the middle.

· Have one player roll BOTH dice to determine his/her stunts, then have the player perform both stunts AT THE SAME TIME. This should provide lots of laughs.

Panic_Word">Panic Word


· Index Cards

To Play

· Write down 100 words on index cards (one word per index card), such as blink, stare, lint, thread, plate, bra, and shoelace -- any words you like.

· Stack the cards and put them in the center of the room.

· Divide the players into 2 teams and seat them opposite each other.

· Set the timer or stopwatch for one minute.

· Have the first player from Team One draw a card from the pile and give clues to the word to his or her teammates before the timer ends the play.

· If the word is "blink", the team member might say, "What you do if dust gets in your eyes?" Players from Team One try to guess the word; if they are successful before the time is up, they get a point.

· If the timer runs out and the word is not guessed, the other team gets a point. Take turns until all the cards are gone. Then add up points to see who wins.

Who_Am_I?">Who Am I?


· Index Cards

· Double Sided Tape

To Play

· Write the names of famous people on index cards and tape one card to the back of each guest.

· Have everyone walk around in the same room, and instruct them not to mention the name on each person's back, but to talk to everyone as if they are the person on their card.

· As people begin to correctly guess their identity, they have to continue to treat the people who still don't know their identity like the people whose name is taped to their back. When everyone guesses his or her "true identity" then the game is over.

No-Mirror_Make-Over">No-Mirror Make-Over

One of the best themes for a sleepover party for teenage girls is a Makeover theme. Host a beauty contest in which the contestants have to apply all of their make-up without a mirror. This is a game in which the most hideous contestant wins the prize. Make sure to take some nice blackmail photos of all the contestants!


· Makeup

To Play

· On the invitation tell the girls to bring their makeup...all of it!

· Have everyone set it out.

· Then, set a five-minute timer. Everyone has five minutes to put her makeup on without a mirror.

· The girl with the most hideous makeup on wins.



· Slips of Paper

· Hat

To Play

· Label one piece of paper with the word "Murderer."

· Put slips of paper into a hat. The number of papers should be the same as the number of guests.

· Have your guests each choose one slip of paper; they should not show it to anyone else.

· Each slip of paper will be blank except of one that says "Murderer."

· The guest who picks "Murderer" has to walk around the party and "kill" people by winking at them. As soon as one of the guests is winked at, he/she has to count to three and then fall on the floor.

· If someone knows who the murderer is, they have to say, "Stop! I know who the Murderer is." If the accuser is wrong, then he/she is "dead" and out of the game. If the accuser is correct, then the game is over, and he/she is the winner.

Truth_or_Dare">Truth or Dare


· Just Add Guests! ™

To Play

· Gather your guests into a group and have a seat. Choose one person to begin.

· The "beginner" gets to choose who goes first by asking someone "Truth or dare?"

· The chosen person must respond either "Truth" or "Dare." If he/she responds "Truth", then he/she must respond truthfully to any question asked. If he/she responds, "Dare" he/she must perform a dare that is presented to him/her no matter what.

· Prizes are not usually awarded. However, if the host/hostess chooses, small prizes can be awarded for dares once they are successfully completed.

Nutty_Sleep-Over_Antics">Nutty Sleep-Over Antics

· Here are some fun things that can be done to the first people who fall asleep knowledge of this should keep the party going for quite a while.

· Put the sleeper's hand in warm water- this is supposed to induce them to have to go to the bathroom

· Throw someone's panties/bra in the freezer

· Place a rubber snake on the pillow of an "early sleeper"

· Put shaving cream on a sleeper's hand and then tickle their nose with a feather. Isn't a face full of shaving cream what all "Party Poopers" deserve? M&Ms_Game">M&Ms Game

  • Envelopes
  • M&M's
  • Paper & Pen
To_Play">To Play·_Divide_everyone_into_two_or_three_teams.">·Divide everyone into two or three teams. ·_Write_out_some_clues._For_example,_purple,_black_and_bouncy_would_indicate_that_the_M&M's_were_hidden_on_my_purple_and_black_trampoline.">·Write out some clues. For example, purple, black and bouncy would indicate that the M&M's were hidden on my purple and black trampoline. ·_Each_team_gets_the_same_clue,_in_a_different_order_so_the_other_team_doesn't_see_where_the_clue_is.">·Each team gets the same clue, in a different order so the other team doesn't see where the clue is. ·_Place_at_each_location_a_cup_of_M_&M's_hidden_somewhere.">·Place at each location a cup of M &M's hidden somewhere.·_The_team_takes_3_M&M's_at_each_spot._They_don't_know_how_much_each_M&M_is_worth_until_the_end.">·The team takes 3 M&M's at each spot. They don't know how much each M&M is worth until the end. ·_Then_the_team_with_the_most_points_at_the_end_wins!!">·Then the team with the most points at the end wins!!

Stuffy Game

  • Stuffed Animals
  • Blindfold
To_Play">To Play·_On_the_invitation_ask_your_friends_to_bring_a_stuffed_animal.">·On the invitation ask your friends to bring a stuffed animal.·_When_everyone_gets_there_put_all_of_the_stuffed_animals_in_a_pile.">·When everyone gets there put all of the stuffed animals in a pile.·_Then_one_by_one_people_are_blindfolded_and_they_have_to_find_their_stuffed_animal_without_looking!">·Then one by one people are blindfolded and they have to find their stuffed animal without looking!
  • Whoever picks their stuffed animal wins.
  • Deck of Cards
To_Play">To Play

· Pick a leader, and get everyone into a circle.

· Shuffle a deck of cards, taking out all the jacks, queens, kings & aces.

· Leave only one king, one queen, and one ace.

· Hand each person in the circle one card. Make sure they don't tell anyone their card. If they get a card with a number then they are just a regular person.

· If they get a queen, they are "the doctor", if they get the king, they become "the cop" and the ace becomes "the mafia".

· Now everyone hands back their cards and closes their eyes.

· The leader calls, "Mafia, open your eyes." When the mafia opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "Who do you want to kill?" Silently, the Mafia points to the "victim", who can be anyone.

· Then the mafia is instructed to close his/her eyes. The leader calls, "Cop, open your eyes." When the cop opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "who do you think the mafia is?" The cop silently points to the person who he/she thinks is the mafia.

· Next, the cop is instructed to close his/her eyes. The leader calls, "Doctor, open your eyes." When the doctor opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "Who do you want to save?" Silently the doctor points to the person who he/she thinks the mafia is after and that person will not "die" for that round and the doctor is instructed to close his/her eyes.

· Next, the leader says, "Everyone open your eyes." When everyone's eyes are open, the leader announces whom the mafia "killed" and if the doctor did or did not save him/her. That person is out of the game.

· Everyone guess whom he or she thinks the mafia is.

· After the discussion, they vote and "kill" who they think the mafia is. If it was the mafia they killed, they won, if not, they killed an innocent person and that person is out.

· The game continues through a few more rounds.

Hope this helps!!



You need:

  • garbage bags
  • tape
  • scissors
  • 5 or more people

get in teams of 2 people. One is the "designer" and the other is the "model"

have a bunch of garbage bags lying out for everyone to use. If you want to make it more difficult limit the amount. There should be 1 or more judges. the judges give each team a different theme. The designers of the teams have to make a costume out of garbage bags and tape for the model, At the end it is quite hilarious! The judges pick the best costume and gives that team a prize.

my game is very fun

what happens is someone is tied to a bar or the wall and is tickled all over and who ever laughs the least wins

Play Mountain Dew pong!

It's like beer pong, but with soda. Arrange 20 plastic cups in 2 pyramids at either side of a ping pong table. Have one person throw a ping pong ball and try to make it into one of the 10 cups at the other side of the table. If you make the ball, you have to drink the cup. It doesn't have to be Mountain Dew, it can be any kind of soda; Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc.

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Q: What are some fun birthday party games fotr13 year olds I am having a birthday party and it is a sleepover. I need some ideas for fun games to play.?
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What should you do at your birthday party sleepover?

listen to music. play games like bigger or better. watch movies. eat.

What are games to do at a sleepover?

Truth or Dare

What would you do when your having a sleepover?

i would play games watch movies eat snacks and gossip and call some boys/girls if we feel up to it .

You are having a birthday party but its cold but not snowing you cant have a sleepover nor a pool party?

Have some friends around to your place, play games, cook, and play truth or dare. During truth or dare, dare them all to jump in the pool! Maybe ask them to bring a bikini and towel.

Challenges to do at a sleepover Not like the cinnamon challenge please?

You can play video games and get involved in a dancing competition in a sleepover.

What to do when having a sleepover?

Pillow fights, share secrets, do makeup, paint nails, blast music, watch tv, play video games or look for snacks(;

Im 14 and having a birthday party with 7 girls and im not allowed to have a sleepover and you want it to be cheap please help?

Well, considering the time of year and weather, a garden party is great fun! You could have a barbecue, play lots of games, 21 truth or dare and things like that :) x

Im having a 13th sleepover bitrthday party and we have and hour and a half before movie starts what do i do besides eating what else?

You should play hecka different games

What to do at a 12 year olds sleepover?

You can do a themed sleepover party. For a girls' sleepover, activities can include painting nails, doing hair, makeovers. For a boys' sleepover, activities can include playing Video Games or sports. Gender neutral can include watching movies/ tv, listening to music, ordering food, and Board Games.

In which category are there questions about sleepover games?

Search Sleepover games then you will see a list of things at the top it will say answered questions with sleepover games in all catagories Click on answered Then a little tab will come up then click on unanswered I know it is a lot of work i don't even know how i figured it out myself

Where should you go for a birthday?

You can go to a hotel and do fun hotel games and sleepover... maybe a mall scavenger hunt or a lock in somewhere really scary. Somewhere fun. What age group are we talking about?

What are some good games for girls to play at a sleepover?

One game to play at a sleepover is movie trivia. You can also play the who am I game.