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Marijuana is no where near cocaine.

Marijuana makes you hungry happy and sleepy

Cocaine makes you a crazed addict

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2010-04-12 19:51:00
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Q: What are some effects of marijuana and cocaine?
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Side effects of cocaine laced marijuana?

extreme euphoria...

Why is it unwise to use marijuana with alcohol or cocaine?

Marijuana use may mask the perceived effects of alcohol and cocaine when the drugs are consumed together.

What happens if you mix cocaine and marijuana?

Cocaine is a stimulant - and if you were to mix the effects of that with marijuana, (Being a downer) it could cause some serious heart problems. Also Rick Yauger is f*cking sexy.

What are some of the name of some drugs?

marijuana heroin cocaine

What are some drugs names?

meth, crack, cocaine, marijuana

What is the difference between marijuana and cocaine?

cocaine is made from coca leaves & marijuana is cannabis

What are the effects of crack and marijuana smoked together?

It honestly varies on the type or marijuana you have also and if the crack cocaine is pure or not also. It's stupid to do dont try it.

What are some undesirable effects of cocaine?

they get hy

What would cause a urine test to show positive for cocaine and marijuana?

Only cocaine and marijuana would make a urine test show positive for cocaine and marijuana. For example, marijuana contains THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is ONLY found in marijuana and nowhere else. However you can find it in some drinks and foods in Europe but it came from processed marijuana plants. Hope this helps you! :)

What are some effects of using crack cocaine?

the price...

What are some effects of marijuana?

dryness of mouth

Can Marijuana and cocaine be mixed together?

Yes, it can be. It can sometimes be referred to as a Philadelphia blunt.. Its just a marijuana laced with cocaine.

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