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Some creative ways you can reuse a beer bottle would be to wash it out and use it as a nice little vase for a single flower. Another use could be to use as a water bottle and startle people by drinking it in public.

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Coock with it.

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Q: What are some creative ways to reuse a beer bottle?
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What are some examples for a centiliter?

One hundredth of a large bottle of pop, One seventy fifth of a bottle of wine, One fiftieth of a large bottle of beer.

What are some sweet bubbly champagne that begin with the letter m in a green bottle?

mumma bear beer

How old are the screw on bottle caps?

The screw on bottle cap was introduced in the early 1960s, eliminating the need to use bottle openers, first in sodas, then a little later, bottled beer and now, good grief, wine!!! However, there are some (bless them) companies that refuse to bottle their beer or wine using these convenient but annoying screw on lids!

What is the price of a bottle of beer in US in 2010?

depends on where you buy the beer. in Oklahoma at a bar/club it can range from $1.00 (happy hour prices) to $5.00 at some places I've seen it

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Are deformed beer bottles worth money?

If it's old u should do some research on it but I've never seen a beer bottle with a face :) hope it help alot

Could you give me some ideas about creative Irish gifts?

You could get someone a four leaf clover as an Irish gift. Another great idea is putting green dye in beer. The Irish like their beer and the color green!

What are some of the beverages that begin with the letter A?

· A&W Root Beer · ale · amaretto · Amstel beer · Anheuser-Busch · apple cider · apple juice · apricot brandy · apricot juice · AquaFina (bottle water)

What is a collector of beer bottles called?

They are merely referred to as glass bottle collectors. Some collect milk bottles, others collect beer bottles, still others collect antiques glass bottles.

How much does a 40Oz bottle of beer cost in NC?

In NC, you should be able to get one with $5 and have some change left over. So, yea.

Play spin the bottle?

Spin the bottle is a game that has been changed over time. The classic way is to spin it and whoever it lands on has to spin it again and the other person it lands on, they have to kiss. Some people just like spinning the bottle and whoever it lands on has to answer a question from the second person the bottle lands on etc. You can be creative with it!

10 creative and easy ways to reuse old tires?

Tires + a little spray paint = a beautiful and unique home garden.The kids will love these seesaws. How about a sandbox? Reuse an old bike tire to make this urban-themed mirror. With some wooden beams, old tires can become a great playground in the backyard. Of course, the classic tire swing. Coolest umbrella holder ever. How about some inexpensive and creative outdoor seating? Yes, THIS was once a tire. Last but cutest, a tire repurposed as a dog bed!