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A teenage boy.

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Q: What are some creative present ideas for a teenage girl?
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What are some creative ideas for birthday decorations for a teenage girl?

As teens get older they tend to grow away from their more childish interests. It's generally a good idea to consult the birthday girl before making a decision on what type of party should be thrown for her. Can anybody say Justin Bieber?

What is a good username for a teenage girl who likes photography and other creative stuff?

Prolificarts(random number) Prolific - fruitful, productive

When was Diary of a Teenage Girl created?

Diary of a Teenage Girl was created in 2000.

Is the abs diet for women safe for a teenage girl?

The abs diet is perfectly safe for a teenage girl. This diet is used by women of all ages in order to slim their stomach fat down. There are alternatives she could do that you could present to her, such as simply working out.

What are some good ideas for a homemade teenage girl Halloween costume that's scary and flirty at the same time?

Just wear nothing and put on a mask.

What to get my friend for her birthday. she is into clothes. not majorly.she loves the country Italy and is basically your average teenage girl. any ideas?

Italian scarves work very nicely

What actors and actresses appeared in Killing the Afternoon - 2005?

The cast of Killing the Afternoon - 2005 includes: Ailish Cleary as Teenage Girl 3 Andrea Deady as Teenage Girl 2 Siobhan Hanley as Teenage Girl 4 Gary Horgan as Teenage Boy 2 Ciara Lynch as Teenage Girl 1 Thea Scanlan as Child

What is an easy song for teenage girl to perform?

An easy song for a teenage girl to perform might be something by Taylor Swift.

Who is the prettiest teenage girl in Toronto?

The prettiest teenage girl in Toronto, at least now is Isabella Rivas of Windfields J.H.S.

How do you turn on a teenage girl?

I am a teenage girl there is not really a way to "turn her on" my best answer is to get to know her talk to her...odds are she will start liking you

How to be a beautiful teenage girl Teeth hair cloths skin ect?

All teenage girls are beautiful. There is no way to become a beautiful teenage girl because you already are one.

What to do for a teenage girl birthday?