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When someone offers you drugs, don't take them.

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Q: What are some actions you can take to avoid taking drugs?
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Are all pills considered drugs?

All pills are considered drugs. There are over-the-counter drugs that anyone can buy and there are drugs that you have to have a prescription from a doctor to get. Usually when someone speaks of taking drugs it is medication that is not prescribed to them.

Can drugs kill you days after talking them?

depends what it is your taking some yes some no

Taking two or more drugs at the same time will usually?

Taking two or more drugs at the same time will usually cause an interaction of some type.

What are some examples of sadistic humor or actions of someone you should avoid?

You correctly observe that brutal humor is abusive. You avoid it as you avoid any form of abuse.

What actions affect the rest of the world in some way?

turning on a light and taking a shower

What is the most dangrous drugs?

It depends on who's taking it, some people will react differently to different drugs than other people.

Why are some people obsessed with drugs?

Because of the addictive nature of drugs. They just cannot stop themselves from taking them once they started.

What are some of the risks of taking Brazilian diet pills?

While Brazilian diet pills are becoming increasingly popular it is advised to avoid them. They have many random and unknown side effects due to the drugs unknown origin and quality.

What are some effects of taking amphetamine drugs?

halucinations, speeding, appetite loss, insomnia

Does taking sulphur help the antiinflammatory process in the body?

Some anti-inflammatory drugs are sulfa compounds but taking "sulphur" will do no good.

Do you getting moody if taking ibuprofen with alcohol?

That may happen to a few people, since drugs and alcohol together can have some strange effects. You should probably avoid combining the two, again, especially if you tihnk it has a bad effect on you.

What are some reasons for not abusing drugs?

1) Avoid addiction and other health problems 2) Avoid financial difficulties 3) Avoid problems in relationships and family 4) Avoid possible incarceration 5) Avoid interacting with dangerous individuals