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THC synergists could be substances, which act together with THC. They can change the activity of THC or they can create new e.g. bad effects, together with THC.

THC synergists can theoretically be used to fight against Cannabis abuse.

Theoretically can synergists used, which change the cannabis effect from good to very bad. But this is only an idea from me.

If a THC synergists has together with THC a very heavy side effect, e.g. leads to psychosis, then the cannabis user thinks this comes from the THC and he stops the consum, if he not knows from the use of THC synergists.

In case of a cannabis epidemie such synergists can be sprayed over the whole country to help the cannabis user to stop the consum.

But i don't know wheather such synergists exists. Such a theoretically use also must be strong controlled by lawers and also must be top secret.

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Q: What are some THC synergist?
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