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M40A3,M21,M14,R700,M24,M82,M92,M107,SVD,DSR-1. That's all that I know of right now.

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Q: What are some Sniper rifle names?
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What are some guns names that start with the letter D?

Dragunov SVD (Russian semi-automatic sniper rifle)

What are the stats for the Mafia Wars hornet sniper rifle?

11 attack 34 defense....some sniper rifle

On battlefield heroes how do you get a sniper?

To get sniper rifle you must have a commando which has a sniper rifle and a knife !!

What is a Remington 8304 Sniper Rifle?

i belief its a sniper rifle that is by Remington

Is a paintball or a airsoft sniper rifle?

A paintball sniper rifle can shoot father.

What does a sniper rifle need to be called a sniper rifle and not a rifle?

3 things.. accuracy,range,and persistence. a sniper can be any rifle or pistol of any caliber just some are alot better like the barrett but a sniper rifle needs to be accurate when you fire upon the target, it needs to continually hit that spot and it needs to do so from a good distance ill say 300 yards and more. also as it goes a sniper rifle is only as good as the handler.

Is a sniper rifle a rifle?


Is a paintball or a airsoft sniper rifle better?

A paintball sniper rifle can shoot father.

When were sniper rifles invented?

It is believed that sniper rifles were invented around 1857 with the advent of the Enfield rifle. This rifle was then surpassed by the Whitworth rifle which became the first long range sniper rifle.

What are some custom class names for modernwarfare 2?

I all ways put my sniper class up top and my light machine gun at the buttom. And for the name i name them from what they are like this. Sniper Rifle SMG LMG Hope that helps.

What is better a sniper rifle or a sniper?

A sniper cannot function without a rifle with which to snipe, nor can a rifle function without someone to fire it. The question is a bit redundant.

Is it legal to hunt with a Sniper Rifle?

A "sniper rifle" is simply a rifle employed for that purpose. So long as the "sniper rifle" meets the criteria and restrictions for hunting firearms in the state you're hunting in, you can use it.