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Treatment for alcohol dependency can be divided into three areas: Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Maintaining Sobriety. The general treatment is counselling and support, with regular meetings with an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group.

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Solutions for Alcoholism may include seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor, attending support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, developing a strong support network of family and friends, and making lifestyle changes such as avoiding triggers and adopting healthier coping mechanisms. It's important to address both the physical and psychological aspects of alcoholism to achieve long-term recovery.

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Medication alone will not effectively treat alcoholism.

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Abstaining from alcohol or learning to consume in moderation.

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Q: What are solutions for alcoholism?
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What cures Alcoholism?

No herb cures alcoholism.

What herbs cure alcoholism?

No herb cures alcoholism.

Which parent passes the trait for alcoholism?

Alcoholism is not inheritable.

Why does alcoholism cause your feet to burn?

That is not a symptom of alcoholism.

Is there a gene responsible for alcoholism?

There is no gene known to cause alcoholism.

How can environment cause alcoholism?

The environment cannot CAUSE alcoholism.

What does DSM-IV say about alcoholism?

It does not use the term alcoholism.

What are the 3 stages to alcoholism?

There are really no accepted stages of alcoholism.

Is alcoholism another form of maladaptive behavior?

Yes, alcoholism is a form of maladaptive behavior. Alcoholism is never good for people.

How alcoholism can be minimised?

No. Alcoholism is a life-long battle that can be fought with 12 step programs. There is no way to drink and control alcoholism.

What do scientists believe is the cure for alcoholism?

Scientists do not have a cure for alcoholism. There are various aspects to alcoholism and it affects people in many different ways. People can seek help for alcoholism, but there is no actual cure.

Is alcoholism a religion?

No, although "alcoholism" ends in "-ism," it is not a religion. Rather, alcoholism is a disease marked by a person with uncontrollable use of alcohol.