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You need them to send a pet to another player.

If you want to find them, go to pets, pet exchange then collect pet exchange points.

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Q: What are pet exchange points on marapets?
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Why is MaraPets so fun?

Marapets has a nice community of friendly players, and has many adorable pets. Marapets has many games to play, lots of fun places to explore, and quests you can do to get special items. You can also earn marapoints, baspinar points, and restock points, which can be used to buy items. If you're looking for a good pet site, join Marapets!

How do you get to MArapets?

You go to the the marapets website. It's a fun virtual pet world. Its a free sign up, to get there go to the marapets website.

How To Get Rich On Marapets?

MaraPets is a free virtual pet site where you can dress up dolls. TO get rich on MaraPets, you must go questing often.

What are the pet prices on marapets?

As they change considerably, the most accurate answer would be to ask in the "Pets" subforum of the "Marapets Chat" forum.

Websites where you can take care of a virtual pet for free no download?


How do you use a potion on marapets?

you click on it then you say use the click on the pet

What potion on marapets do?

there are many types of potions on marapets some will change your pet for example you own a bolimo and buy a chibs potion (a rare pet potion) you use it on your bolimo and it will then become the chibs you can also get healing potions that heals your pet in battles

Will Marapets ever end?

MaraPets, the virtual pet site, does not have a publicly stated end date. As of 2014, it features 21 different virtual worlds.

What will happen if you feed your pet poison on marapets?

Well.. IF You Feed the Poison on the Pet... it will die and i think you it will turn to Zombie

What does a random potion do on marapets?

This potion heals your pet a random amount of HP. :)

How can you get a yuni on marapets?

A Yuni pet can be obtained from the Fates Mission, located in Eleka's Castle.

How do you get points on marapets?

Go 2 games and play any 1 you want!But if you have alot of points you can win big!:-)