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A herbicide kills weeds and an insecticide kills insects.


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Q: What are is the Difference between a herbicide and an insecticide?
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What are some categories of pesticides?

Some categories are: Herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and bactericide.

What are two examples of a genetically bio-engineered food?

Two examples of genetically engineered foods are: Herbicide resistant varieties that can have a herbicide sprayed on it and not die. Bt varietes that produce an insecticide in the plant itself.

Difference between Insecticide and Pesticide?

A pesticide is a chemical that is used to control the population of harmful animals or plants.An insecticide is a type of pesticide that is used to control the population of insects.

Which part of the word insecticide must mean killer?

When compared to such words as fratricide, homocide, genocide, pesticide and herbicide (all of which have to do with killing) you can see that it's the -cide part.

What hurts the environment?

cutting down trees harming animals and much more Pesticides, aka herbicide, insecticide and fungicide. Also, destroying animals' natural habitats

What is a GMO and why do we use them?

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. Reasons for using them depends on who is asked. Some say they are necessary to improve foods. An example is Golden Rice that is genetically modified to produce Vitamin A. Others say they are not necessary and may be dangerous. Examples of these are herbicide resistant and Bt varieties. Herbicide resistant are plants that are engineered to resist a herbicide so it can be sprayed directly on the crop. Bt varieties are engineered to produce an insecticide in the plant itself. Corn and soybeans are examples of crops that have been modified to be resistant to herbicides and/or to produce an insecticide.

Is a caterpillar a herbicide?

No a caterpillar is not a herbicide it is the common term for the larval stage of a moth or a butterfly. A herbicide is a chemical or substance that kills plant materials. Normally if you wanted to kill caterpillars you would use an insecticide.

What is the system of spraying pesticides in US?

More detail needed. House, farm, factory? Insecticide, herbicide, fungicide? Hand held sprayer, ULV, tractor-mounted, aerial?

Can you mix insecticide with weed killer for a one-step application instead of mixing and applying them separately?

That's a really, really bad idea. If you do that you could kill the plants that you are trying to get the pesky insects off of. Insecticide is used ONLY for killing insects that damage your plants. Herbicide (or weed killer) is used to kill plants (a.k.a weeds), and is often a non-selective herbicide which means if you're not careful, you could also kill your plants too.

What is the difference between an insecticide and a pesticide?

That the one focuses upon insect pests and that the other includes insect and non-insect pests constitutes the difference between an insecticide and a pesticide.Specifically, the ending -cide advises users that the product is a deathly or disabling control. Not all pests are insects. For example, mites and ticks belong in the arachnid class with spiders, not the insect class with aphids and fleas.

What is one negative environmental impact of using genetically modified corn?

One negative environmental impact of using genetically modified corn is that corn genetically engineered to withstand a herbicide being sprayed on it has been shown to require more herbicide to the used after the first few years, when one of the biggest reasons given for using it was that it would lessen the amount of herbicide required. Thus, more environmental pollution is being created. Use of genetically modified corn has also resulted in the development of weeds that are resistant to the chemicals, possible development of insects that are resistant to the insecticide in Bt varieties, and possible harm to insect varieties that the insecticide is not meant to harm.

Organic Herbicide ?

form_title= Organic Herbicide form_header= Use organic herbicide and help the environment. What is the square footage of your lawn?*= _ [50] Are you using more than one herbicide?*= () Yes () No What kind of vegetation will be using the herbicide?*= _ [50]

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