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What your good at like if you like Basketball, donkeys and the colour brown then the clue could be im a donkey with a brown basketball!!

Random i know

I hope it helps

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Q: What are good Secret Santa clues?
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What are some good secret santa clues and poems?

write: A is 1, and B is 2, now figure out this last clue. (and then write the clue in numbers)

Do you ever reveal the gift giver's name in a Secret Santa exchange?

Secret Santa Traditionally, no. That's why it's a "secret"! It's what distinguishes a Secret Santa exchange from a regular old gift exchange. I *have* participated in "Secret Santa" exchanges that did reveal the gift-giver, but they're not *true* Secret Santa exchanges.

What are some clues you can give to your Kris kringle?

When people are involved in a Secret Santa, they are given clues to help buy a gift for another person. The clues can include favorite color, favorite scent, favorite author, and favorite food.

What are good Secret Santa questions for an office?

I was wondering the same thing, but I have a few ideas: Favorite Color Hobbies Favorite Restaurant Favorite Store What would you really like for Christmas this year?

Is a picture frame a good secret Santa gift?

sure . also a stuffed teddy bear is good for girls

What could you give someone for Secret Santa?

You can check out some secret santa gifts for around £10 here:

What is the duration of The Secret of Santa Vittoria?

The duration of "The Secret of Santa Vittoria" is approximately 2 hours and 19 minutes.

When was The Secret of Santa Vittoria created?

The Secret of Santa Vittoria was created on 1969-10-29.

What is a good present for secret Santa?

A good present for secret santa is a big box filled with candy. Only if ur person loves candy! or you could adopt an animal and pay a monthly fee but they would love it How To PLay Secret Santa? This secret santa is when you have a group of friends and write everyones names on a slip of paper the put them into a hat. Then, you pick out a persons name from the hat. YOU ARE NOT ALOUD TO TELL ANYONE TOU PERSON! then there will be a date set for all of you to bring in your presents to your person with out letting them know that it was you!

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