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Q: What are gas alarm pistols used for?
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Can helium be used in airsoft gas pistols?


Where can you find information about gas alarm pistols model P6E by RECK?

Have you tried a web search. I just did and found quite a bit.

What airsoft pistols take gas?

Revolvers ftw

Were pistols used on d-day?

Yes pistols were used on d day as defence

What pistols were used during civil war?

black powder pistols

Does having the blowback feature on gas airsoft pistols make them weaker?

No, however the gas lasts shorter.

What pistols used in the Boston massacre?

The british used rifles with bayonets. Only important officers had pistols during that time.

What would Electric Airsoft Pistols be used for?

Electric Airsoft Pistols have been used as a recreational weapon to provide entertainment without the threat of fatality. These pistols have also been used in training situations with law enforcement.

Who used pistols in ww1?

pistols were used by all military forces. pistols were usually issued to officers. however, machine gun crews were also given pistols as rifles were to cumberson when lugging a machine gun. some other military enlisted elements were also issued pistols due to their job........................

What is a powerful airsoft pistol?

a gas or spring powered one. never electric, electric powered pistols SUCK. i would suggest a green gas luger if your looking for power, or maybe a green gas desert eagle. those are good airsoft pistols.

What kind of weapons were used in ww1?

Typical infantry weapons included pistols and rifles. They were supported by machineguns, artillery, and mustard gas. Flamethrowers and shotguns were also used, but less frequently.

What is better gas pistols or spring snipers?

the best ones are spring snipers because they tend to work better during spring season. Gas pistols can work good in Winter but be sure to fill your gun up using LG gas when they come to your house to fill your gas bottles!!