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almost chinese (in an non offensive way) but a lot more tanned.

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Q: What are filipinos look like?
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What do Filipino clothes look like?

Filipinos wear comfy clothes like pants and shirts most of the time because of the hot weather here.

How do Filipino look like?

Filipinos look like people their southern neighbors, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia (with the exception of the Malaysian-Indians). If an Indonesian person, went to the Philippines, chances are nobody would notice.

Why do Filipinos look for other Filipinos in abroad?

To have someone they can talk to and ask for help if they are having a hard time in the foreign country. Primarily, it is because of homesick-ness that they socialize with their fellow Filipinos.

What you like about the Filipinos?

Most people like Filipino's hospitality.

Summary of what are Filipinos like essay?


Do Miranda Cosgrove like Filipinos?

Of course.

What country does not like a Filipinos?

relation ship

When do Filipinos eat balut?

Because they like it.

Why does the poem suggest that we Filipinos be like the molave?


Joe Jonas like asians?

yes he does especially Filipinos

What are Filipinos like short story by Leon Ma Guerero?

filipnos are self reliant. they always have time to care for others. we are best known of our attitude as being hospitable.

What kind of items did the Filipinos carry?

First of all Filipinos are not CAVEMEN ! ! !. They carry items like everyone else, such as cellphones, wallets, purse, and etc.