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-Each team needs the same amount of snow balls -The snow has to be compactable -When you get hit you have to keep up with it -You need a snow shelter to hide behind

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yes... there is 5.

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Q: What are facts about snowball fights?
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What is a good snowball game to play?

A good snowball game to play is snowball dodge ball and snowball fights. There are also several snowball games you can play online such as Santa's Snowball and Snowball Roll.

Is it illegal to have snowball fights with your friends?

Lol no. It's not illegal, it's fun. If you think snowball fights are illegal and that you've never played it before, then you obviously have no life.

When in the snowball fight on Howrse?

The snowball fights are usually in winter or around then. any other questions I am Buffy Kiev on Howrse

What are the results for the snowball fight on Howrse?

As far as I know, there arent any snowball fights, but if i am wrong, then they should post it on a forum or the homepage.

Are snowball fights fun?

That's up to you to decide. Everyone has a different opinion.

What are some fun thing to do in Alaska?

take pictures and dogsledding and also many more!(:

Where can you go with your dad on a cold day?

Board games mostly unless it's snowing then sledding snowball fights..

Why do people love the snow?

You could do many fun things with snow like having snowball fights and skiing!

Where can one watch videos of a snowball fight?

YouTube is a great resource for any and all videos one would be interested in watching. They would certainly have a large assortment of videos of snowball fights.

How do you spell the word snow boll?

The correct spelling is snowball.A snowball is quite simply a ball of snow. People sometimes throw balls of snow at each other during snowball fights for fun.The snowball is also the name of a sweet treat in England with chocolate, coconut and marshmallow. There is also an alcoholic cocktail called snowball.

What are the advantages of snow?

SNOWBALL FIGHTS! If your looking at it from an economical point of view, snow fall at skiing resorts can bring in tourists and revenue.

What can you do in Greenland?

nothing, its just a island 15 times bigger than the uk that is covered with snow so you can just have snowball fights