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Body image to girls is huge because guys always say how they think models are so pretty but to us models are really skinny and look like dolls because they are so perfect so we try to become like those skinny perfect models.

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Q: What are effects of body image on girls?
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What is body image?

it is how you think you look but for most girls it is everyone but her opinion that count

The Importance of Self-Image?

Self image is an important part of your physical and emotional well-being. A distorted body image can lead to a variety of health issues from eating disorders to depression. Over half of teen girls are not happy with their bodies. Learning to appreciate who you are as an individual will improve your mental state which will have other positive effects on your overall health and happiness.

Why do girls let the media affect their body image?

cause they want boys to like them and get boyfriends. girls don;t listen to media k

What effects do endorphin have on your body?

they have no effect, what so ever. go get some girls and dont worry about it

What is a body image?

body image means a person's idealized image of what their body is or should be like.

Where can teenagers get help about their body image?

Teen girls can get help about body image from many places. Friends, family, guidence counselors, adults / family friends, teachers, and positive media (TV, magazine, movie, ect.) sources.

Can caffeine harm little boys and girls?

Yes. Depending upon the body mass it can have even toxic effects.

What type of message is the media sending out to young girls about there body image?

The media is making girls uncomfortable with themselves. They want flawless faces and better looking bodies but they don't have them. In the end it makes girls not like themselves

What are frames shapes shadows borders and other special effects that can be added to an image to create an overall visual style for the image?

artistic effects

What has the author Jane Pratt written?

Jane Pratt has written: 'Beyond beauty' -- subject(s): Beauty, Personal, Body image, Body image in adolescence, Health and hygiene, Juvenile literature, Personal Beauty, Self-perception, Self-perception in adolescence, Teenage girls

What is a negative song about body image?

I think that California Gurls (Katy Perry) could have a negative effect on body image. The song talks about being "fine, fresh, fierce", and later says that girls should be "tone, tan, fit and ready". This implies a Malibu barbie like figure.

Why are self esteem and body image is important?

Self-esteem and body image are important because they impact how individuals perceive themselves and their worth. Low self-esteem and negative body image can lead to mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Conversely, healthy self-esteem and positive body image promote overall well-being and can contribute to a more fulfilling life.