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difference between good governac and democracy

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2013-12-15 16:26:05
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Q: What are difference between democratic governance and good governance?
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How can good governance be promoted in transition to more open and democratic societies?

Good governance can be promoted to more open and democratic societies through expression of factors such as reliability, predictability, and accountability to ensure national prosperity.

What is the law of good governance?

It is the balance between laws, societal concerns and politics. It calls for fairness and protection of people, and is meant to be utilized in a democratic setting.

Federalism and challenges to Ethiopian democracy?

Lack of good governance, lack of democratic culture etc...

What is the differentiation between good governance and bad governance?

Good governance takes the needs into consideration and does its best to do the right thing. Bad governance is generally concerned with the welfare of those working in government.

What are the similarities between democracy and good governance?

They mean Ugly farts

What is the impact of corporate governance on company performance?

Good governance, good performance Poor governance, poor performance

When was Campaign for Good Governance created?

Campaign for Good Governance was created in 1996.

When did Good Governance Party end?

Good Governance Party ended in 1998.

Why is governance important?

Governance is important only if it's good governance. Good governance calls for transparency and accountability. If leaders display these things, the citizens are more likely to have confidence in them.

Who are the actors in governance and how does good governance promote development?


When was Exercise Franchise For Good Governance created?

Exercise Franchise For Good Governance was created in 2007.

When was Good Governance Party created?

Good Governance Party was created on 1998-01-23.

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