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Q: What are brief periods of change that interrupt long stable periods called?
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What is a long stable period of little change interrupted by brief periods of more rapid change?

Stable Periods of little change interrupted by brief periods of more change is known as punctuated equilibrium.

A pattern in which species experience long stable periods interrupted by brief periods of rapid evolutionary change is called?

Punctuated Evolution or equilibrium

The pattern of long stable periods interrupted by brief periods of more rapid change is known as?

Puctuated equilibrium

What are periods of political stability called?

There is no intention here to be humorous here, however, the question has the answer to it within it. Political stability are periods of exactly that. Another way to say this is that a politically stable stable society generally is economically healthy and the citizens of the society believe they are fairly treated by their government and by their peers.

What is the person called that works in a stable?

The person called that works in a stable is called a stable groom

What is a distribution of opinion that shows little change over time called?

stable distribution

Is stability a physical or chemical change?

Stability is not a change but a characteristic; a material can be chemically stable, physically stable, etc. The whether can be stable or not. A man can be mentally stable or not, etc.

What is a stable group of species that persists over long periods is referred to as?

climax community

What is stable isotropes?

Stable isotopes of elements are called stable because they do not radioactively decay.

What is called the house of horse?

it is called a stable

What is a compartment in a stable called?

I is called a "Stall"

A barn where horses kept are called?

Horses are kept in a building called a stable. It is similar to a parking garage and you would say that your horse is stable there.

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