What are blowouts regarding your ears?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An "ear blowout" is when the skin in your pierced earlobe gets pushed through to the back; looking like there is a tube of skin coming out the back of your ear. Don't clean a piercing with rubbing alcohol. It dries your skin and makes it more likely for a blowout. Also stretch slowly and don't skip sizes on hole enlargements (although you may get impatient).

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Q: What are blowouts regarding your ears?
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No. If you stretch with a blowout it will only get worse. Blowouts can get big, nasty, and painful. If they get big enough, they'll prevent you from stretching. Not to mention that they just look disgusting and other serious stretchers will know that you don't take care of your ears like you should. Just downsize a size or two, get your ear back to normal, and take your time stretching back up.

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