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girls want a guy who will support them emotionally. we want a guy that will listen to us rant about our problems. we want a guy who would want to show us off to all of his friends even when its not our best day.

girls want a guy who will be sweet and gentle, caring and understanding.

but that just about never happens.

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Q: What are all the things girls like and want in a guy?
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What little things do girls like guys to do for them?

Girls like you to carry their books, and be honest. Be yourself and not someone who you want to be. all girls want is someone they can talk to,someone who will listen to what they have to say,all they need is some special attention,and someone who will mention the special things in them(best said by 702 "ALL I WANT"song)

Why do men only like girls who've developed?

Guys have higher expectations. This means they like all a woman has. They want higher things for themselves.

What do girls really want to do?

SHOPPING ! ! ! all girls like goin shopping

Things to say to pick up girls?

If you want to pick up girls, tell them that they look nice, that their hair looks pretty, or that they have a nice smile. These are good things to say to pick up girls.Compliments are the best things to say to pick up girls. All girls like to hear nice things about themselves.

What a girlfriend wants?

All a girl wants is a guy who can treat with respecct like no other. Some girls like guys who have a great sense of humor. It all depends in the girl too. Just talk to her and ask them for things in common. Most girls like to talk about there favorite things and their hobbies. SOME girls like to talk about how they grew up and were raised so in the end all we want is someone to listen to our problems :)

Why do guy like girls to be on top?

Because guys are lazy and want girls to do all the work.

What do 13 year old boys like about girls?

Answer: mostly nothing, they are more into cars and sports as they should be. Give it a couple of years and girls will be all they think of and there won't be any like "part" about it, they will like all things and every thing about girls. Dating will be they way they figure out what they want in a partner and that will change by the week.

What do Colombian girls like?

i imagine all quite different things...

Do Red head girls want redhead guys?

no not at all they like any normal girls and will admire the guy that they like

What are some things that girls want to see boys do?

you would be surprised at how much girls like to see boys' sensitive sides. especially if the boy is usually very manly. They feel special, like the boy is opening up to them or something. girls also like when boys really pay attention to them and care about what they have to say. all girls want is to be appreciated and cared for. hope this helps!

Y do men like nude girls?

It akes them all want to have sex!!

Do boys like girls in bikinis?

It depends. Different people like different things it's all preferenceYES. ALL BOYS DO LIKE HOT GIRLS IN BIKINIS.Yes. Because when the boys become a teenager, they begin to like seeing girls do that and those.

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