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:) :( :o >.< :* ;) <3 :3 >:( >:o :D :-D :p :-p o:) :-) :-( :o :-o 8) 8-) 8D 8-D B) B-D :42: (^^^) <(") O.o :\ :/ >:-( >:-o :'( :'-( :putnam: [[justinbieber]] -_- :|]

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2012-01-28 03:07:36
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Q: What are all the facebook faces to make on chat?
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What are all the faces when you chat on Facebook?

There are many but go to google and ask the same question and click the first one. It should be a link on facebook. :P

What you mean by in Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site, you can chat with all your friends and play games, you can make pages and make advert's.

How do you do all facebook faces all of them?


What are all of the emotions on facebook chat?


How do you make all facebook symbols?

all I know what to do is a shark and you go like this (^^^) and all of the sad faces happy faces and more but I just cant remember how to do a robot

How do you make all the Facebook faces on Facebook chat?

:) Smile :( Frown &gt;:o XD face &gt;:( X( face 3:) Devil O:) Angel :42: 42 in a red box :|] Robot :* Kissy face :putnam: "Bieber" who is actually Putnam (^^^) Shark &lt;(") Penguin &lt;3 Heart

How do you chat on facebook on the wii?

you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom and the chat menu should be there!!

When is mindless behavior in video chat in facebook?

All the time

How do i get on facebook without anybody but people i choose knowing i am on there?

Make sure that all of your settings are set to private and that the chat is turned off and nobody will be able to know that you are on Facebook.

Why do all the smiley faces on Facebook have mustaches?

to show emotion

How do you make a giraffe on facebook?

All you have to do is log onto Facebook chat and copy &amp; paste this into your text box! /)ii/) (o '' o) | | | &hearts;| ,, | |______ | &hearts; &hearts; | |&hearts; __&hearts;_ |

How do you do all of the animals on facebook chat?

(^^^)-shark &lt;(")-penguin :3-cat

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