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win a fish race and you will get new gizmos

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Q: What are all of the gizmos on the app flick fishing?
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What is the green jar for in the flick fishing app?

It makes your line slippery. It's not a button or anything, it just shows that you have that line wax the old man gave you.

Is there a free Flick Home Run app for the iPod touch?

Yes, there is a free Flick Home Run app for the iPod touch.

What is Liam Payne's favorite app?

According to their official book Dare to Dream, it is Flick Kick Football

What kind of bait do Mullet like on the app Flick Fishing?

They LOVE Ragworms. Bait fish is OK, but they wont bite as much, and they wont weigh as much. If you want to catch Hoff (The monster mullet), You need to use ragworms in the breakwater. He's rare but if you dont get him you'll probably still catch a mullet.

Where Is the ray gun on shi no numa iPod app?

In the fishing hut under stairs in the door

How do you unlock different locations in Flick fishing free?

you cant really but what i do is go to the settings and switch the date of the year to an earlier date and go back to the app. you wont get any coins but if you go back to the date and put it a day forward it will give you 3 free coins keep doing this and you will be able to go to different locations by how many coins u have

How can you make a free android app?

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Can you get imvu as an app in the app store?

Yes you can all you have to do is look it up in the app store

How do you use radar in Russian fishing app?

Hey dude radar is waste but if you buy radar some times you will got big fish

What is the name of the app that lets you separate all apps into folders?

there is no app just drag an app onto another app and a folder will appear

Are all apps on the app store legal?

Yes, Apple will need to look at updates for the app and run various tests on the app.

What is a app in the app store that tells the time all over the US?

All you need is the clock app that came with your iPhone/iPod and type in the city and then u got it 