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  • Elle - Best International Writer Spain 2008
  • Inauguration of the Rúa Paulo Coelho - Santiago de Compostela Spain 23/06/2008
  • Distinction of Honour from the City of Odense (Hans Christian Andersen Award) (Denmark 2007)
  • Las Pergolas Prize 2006 by the Association of Mexican Booksellers (ALMAC) (Mexico 2006)
  • "I Premio Álava en el Corazón" (Spain 2006)
  • "Cruz do Mérito do Empreendedor Juscelino Kubitschek" (Brazil 2006)
  • "Wilbur Award", presented by the Religion Communicators Council (USA 2006)
  • Kiklop Literary Award for The Zahir in the category "Hit of the Year" (Croatia 2006)
  • DirectGroup International Author Award (Germany 2005)
  • "Goldene Feder Award" (Germany 2005)
  • "The Budapest Prize" (Hungary 2005)
  • "Order of Honour of Ukraine" (Ukraine 2004)
  • "Order of St. Sophia" for contribution to revival of science and culture (Ukraine 2004)
  • "Nielsen Gold Book Award" for The Alchemist (UK 2004)
  • "Ex Libris Award" for Eleven Minutes (Serbia 2004)
  • Golden Bestseller Prize from the largest circulation daily "Večernje Novosti" (Serbia 2004)
  • "Best Fiction Corine International Award 2002" for The Alchemist (Germany 2002)
  • "Club of Budapest Planetary Arts Award 2002" as a recognition of his literary work (Germany 2002)
  • "Bambi 2001 Award" (Germany 2001)
  • "XXIII Premio Internazionale Fregene" (Italy 2001)
  • "Crystal Mirror Award" (Poland 2000)
  • "Chevalier de l'Ordre National de la Légion d'Honneur" (France 1999)
  • "Crystal Award" World Economic Forum (1999)
  • "Golden Medal of Galicia" (Spain 1999)
  • Finalist for the "International IMPAC Literary Award" (Ireland 1997 and 2000)
  • "Comendador de Ordem do Rio Branco" (Brazil 1998)
  • "Golden Book" (Yugoslavia 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2004)
  • "Super Grinzane Cavour Book Award" (Italy 1996)
  • "Flaiano International Award" (Italy 1996)
  • "Knight of Arts and Letters" (France 1996)
  • "Grand Prix Litteraire Elle" (France 1995)
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Paulo Coelho has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Crystal Award from the World Economic Forum and the Golden Book Award from the Yugoslavian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has also been recognized by various countries with honors such as the Order of Arts and Letters from France and the Order of Rio Branco from Brazil.

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Q: What are Paulo Coelho's awards?
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