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Mossberg has a web site.

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2008-12-29 00:44:34
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Q: What are Mossberg silver reserve choke markings?
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Where are the choke identification on a mossberg silver reserve?


What are the various choke markings for merkel shotguns?

Choke markings , lets see , Chokemarkings , and Prints of Markings :D

What choke does the browning twelvette have?

Depends on how choke markings on the weapon.

Can you shoot slugs in a 410 with an external adjustable choke?

Sounds like you may have a Mossberg with a C-Lect-Choke. If so, Mossberg recommended that you NOT shoot slugs.

Does a mossberg model 183ke bolt action have an adjustable choke?

Many of the Mossberg bolt action shotguns used a removable choke, not an adjustable. Sold under the name C-Lect-Choke, this was an external choke that could be unscrewed with a special wrench, and a different choke screwed into its place.

What is a c-lect choke on a mossberg 12gauge?

C-lect choke is an adjustable choke system that Mossberg implemented on their shotguns pre-1977. After 1977 they went to the accu-choke system. The choke is adjustable between Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder. It is, however, not recommended for use with steel shot.

Steel shot through your Mossberg full choke?

Check the owner's manual, or check with Mossberg customer service. Unless the choke is rated by the maker for steel shot, not good to do.

Will a choke for a Mossberg 500 fit in a Remington 870 express?

no it wont ive been looking at mossberg choke tubes for a few months for my 20gauge the only choke tubes that work on mossberg 500s are Winchester ,wetherby,browning invector and savage hope yours is a 12 because 20s are about non existent

Is it ok to shoot steel shot in Mossberg 185K-A with select choke?


What is a mossberg 385k c lect choke worth?


What is a mossberg 385k c-lect choke worth?


When was your Mossberg shotgun manufactured?

Your question can't be answered as written. What Model? What are ALL the markings? What gauge? How long is the barrel? What type of finish? Mossberg 500C, 20 gauge, 26" accu-choke, serial number K064007, checkered wood stock, blued barrel, vented rib barrel.

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