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wilderness areas are those that have not been significantly shaped by humans. opportunities - oil (Alaska) - timber -raw materials - explosive testing - fishing challenges - climate - terrain - wildlife

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Q: What are Challenges and opportunities to wilderness areas?
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What are Wilderness recovery areas can be created by?

removing buffer zones between core wilderness areas and developed areas.

What level are the ghosts in the mining areas in the wilderness?

Level 57 in wilderness, level 80 in deep wilderness.

Why do you think human development should be limited near wilderness areas?

Limiting human development near wilderness areas is important to preserve the natural habitat for wildlife, protect biodiversity, maintain ecosystem functions, and ensure sustainable resource management. It also helps to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and reduces the impact of human activities on delicate ecosystems. Additionally, protecting wilderness areas can promote opportunities for recreation, education, and research, benefiting society as a whole.

What areas should there be no roads?


What wilderness areas does Ireland have?


What legislation helped solve the shrinking wilderness?

The Wilderness Act of 1964 was a key legislation that helped protect and preserve wilderness areas in the United States by establishing the National Wilderness Preservation System. The Act set requirements for the protection and management of wilderness areas, ensuring that these areas would remain wild and undeveloped for future generations.

What of the pixie hollow wilderness do you find frogs?

Frogs can be found in any of the Wilderness areas.

Where could your characters go on a hunting trip?

The characters could go on a hunting trip to a dense forest, a rugged mountain range, or a wide-open grassland savannah. Each location would offer different challenges and opportunities for hunting different types of game.

Would you favor increasing the number of wilderness areas on public lands Why or why not?

Wilderness areas can be found in preserves, estates, farms, conservation preserves, ranches.

Which states have large areas of wilderness?

Rhode Island.

What has the author Scott Herring written?

Scott Herring has written: 'Lines on the land' -- subject(s): American literature, History, History and criticism, Landscape in art, Landscape in literature, National parks and reserves, Natural areas, Nature in art, Nature in literature, Wilderness areas, Wilderness areas in art, Wilderness areas in literature

What has the author Lawrence C Merriam written?

Lawrence C. Merriam has written: 'The wilderness user in three Montana areas' -- subject(s): Recreational use, Wilderness areas