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I would suggest the "Emoji" app but there are tons of other apps that have smiley face icons.

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Q: What app is used for iPod on smiley face icons?
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What object is used to symbolize happiness?

A smiley face

Where can the first smiley face ever recorded be found?

The first smiley face was used for an ad for an Ingrid Bergman film in 1948. However, the smiley face we know today was made in 1964 by Harvey Ross Ball for an insurance company.

How do French people say smiley face?

a smiling face is 'un visage souriant' a smiley (smiling yellow face used in internet messages) is commonly called a smiley in French. The official name is "une émoticone" (word formed from émotion + icône)

What is the definition of Awesome Face?

Awesome Face is a classic internet meme of a well recognized smiley face. This face is used to indicate approval. The icon is a yellow smiley face with a wide open smile and eyes looking towards one direction.

What does the smiley face with over the winking eyes mean?

A winking smiley face can mean flirting, more commonly it is used for jokes. It depends on the situation really.

What does colon hyphen right parenthesis mean?

:-) It's a smiley-face! It doesn't have a meaning in the English language, but it's commonly used as a happy face in Internet-speak. :-) It's a smiley-face! It doesn't have a meaning in the English language, but it's commonly used as a happy face in Internet-speak.

Who was first person to use as a horizontal smiley face in a computer message in 1982?

Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman is reported to be the first person to use the horizontal smiley face in a computer message. In 1982, he used the smiley face in a forum discussion regarding the limits of online humor.

What is a four word phrase often used with the smiley face?

ROFL (Rolling on (the) floor laughing)

How are Icons used in Christianity?

actually Christians do do not use icons

What comes at the end of each essay?

A smiley face. In informal writing, an emoticon :-) is used, or a little face is drawn on the paper. In formal writing, it's best to write it out, like this: *smile*

Which icons have religions used to focus their worship?

Religions have symbols but they are not supposed to have icons because they worship God and don't need icons for focus.

When was the first smileys used?

The first smileys would only be first used when computer sites allowed chat rooms and such and someone came up with the code for a smiley face and it went on from there.

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