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your belly button ?

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Q: What all should you bring when you go to get your belly button pierced?
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Is getting a belly button pierced pain?

yes depends on how and that kind of pain don't bring pleas-er

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What are body piercing age laws in North Dakota?

In ND you have to be 16 to get your belly button, lip, eye brow, and ect., but you must bring a parent with to sign for you. You must both have your IDs.

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Oh. Don't make my mistake. Simply refrain from entering any sort of public water type place until it is fully healed. If I were you I would wait 3 months, just to be safe. It will infect your piercing.What happened to me was that it was the 4th week of my nose piercing, still relatively fresh. Thought it was OK to go swimming, so I did. A week later a keloid appeared and I wasn't able for the life of me to get rid of it. So instead i had to take the piercing out. So just don't go swimming, anywhere.Common Sense:Go right ahead and enjoy any public swimming facility you wish, just be sure once you are done swimming, clean the piercing in the shower. All public facilities are tested to ensure the water is safe, you use common sense and shower after using pools or Jacuzzis and you should have no issues (be sure to use soap when showering and rinse all piercings thoroughly) . Failure to clean or properly rinse a piercing will lead to the issues listed in the above statement.

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Could you die if you have heart murmur and get your belly button pierced?

Yes you can, a murmur is just an irregular heart rhythm that doesn't effect your physical activity. Thousands of younger people have murmurs and don't even know it and generally as you get older the murmur will disappear. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned, but as long as you are relaxed and listen to the Professional body piercer who will be doing the piercing you should be just fine. By the way it's "navel piercing", "navel ring" not "belly ring", "belly piercing", if you want it done better know what it's correctly called.

Will they give you a belly button piercing if you are under age?

The only way to get a piercing of any kind if you are under age is to bring a parent or legal guardian with you to sign the paperwork, and to be there through the procedure. If you have no parent or guardian with you to sign the papers, they will refuse you service.

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