What age should you have a boyfreind?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What age should you have a boyfreind?
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Should you kiss your boyfreind?

No, you could get AIDS!

How do you get a boyfreind at 9?

At age nine you should be concentraing on having fun. Trust me, boys arn't all that great. They can be pretty cruel somtimes.

Does want a new boyfriend?

If you want a new boyfreind and your boyfreind your currently with isn't your type you should just dump him gently. Tell him that you think you shoudl be apart from each ohter for a little while.

My boyfriend told you i dissed him what does he mean?

what does boyfreind mean becuase i got a boyfreind and i love him

Is milk help us to cure poison?

my boyfreind is mentally ill and siped antifreeze,what should I do?

How do you know were your boyfriend is at?

you can till where your boyfriend is at by the way he comes home if he has a tan he would probable come from the beach things like that and alsoo if your worry about where your boyfreind is you shouldnt cause if your dating you should trust your boyfreind inless there are signs that he is cheating on you

Does your boyfreind love you?

bad question

Does Taylor Swift have a boyfreind?

Not currently.

Did anne Frank have a boyfreind?

yes she does

Who is Selena's boyfreind?

justin biber

How can you get your boyfreind in the mood?

s his d

How do you get close to your boyfreind?

Blowjob trust me