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You really starts when u get in Middle School. once I got in middle school i thought about dating and kissing but i never did it... I didn't feel right just thinking about it soo..... But I am positive u think about it ages 12 and up........

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13y ago
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16 to 17 seems about right but it depends on the couple... it could be 13 years of age and up it all depends.

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I was 12 when i had my first french kiss. It wasnt serious nd i only met him at da disco dat night. we never went out nd it wasnt a huge deal.

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Q: What age should you be when you have your first french kiss?
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You can french kiss at any age, provide you can stick your tongue out.

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when Eva you freakin ready,

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What age should you be when you French kiss?

Doesn't matter. These days every teen goes for that step after just a few dates.

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The average age a girl has her first kiss is between the ages 13-16.

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Any time if you feel your ready

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