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I think it should be when you have a 'chest' and you need one. I need to start wearing one and I'm 10.

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Q: What age should a girl be wearing a bra?
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What age should a girl start wearing an underwired bra?

I think it all depends on the size of your breasts.

What bra size should you be wearing?

depends on your age

When should a girl buy a bra?

Around the age 9-13, a girl will get her first bra or training bra.

When should a girl start wearing a padded bra?

It matters what stage their in.

A 13 year old girl should wear a bra?

It depends on weather they have boobs or not to depend on them wearing a bra

When should a girl where a bra?

when should a girl wear a bra? u asked at the age of 11 or 12 i would say yw

When should a girl begin wearing a bra?

Most girls start wearing bras when they are eight years old

Till what time till girls of age 14 should wear bra?

When a girl should wear a bra is not based on a certain age. She should wear a bra when her breasts start showing.

What age should you be out of a training bra?

11 or ten is good but i thinks its better if you wear both but start wearing a cupped bra because they are kind of annoying so you should start wearing them! There is no specific age. it depends on how big your breasts are.

Should you wear a cup bra?

you should wear one if your breast are big enough I started wearing a training bra at age 7 to get used to it I actually needed it at age 8 and a half and I started wearing size 36A at age 9 I am now 13 and wear size 38C and my mom says I'm almost ready for a 32D so really any age but defiantly in 6th grade you should start wearing a cup bra I started wearing a training bra at 7. I got my first cup bra at 8. I'm 13 now and I'm a size 36DD. By the end of your 5th grade year you should definatly be wearing a cupped bra.

What age should you wear a bra?

There really isn't a right or wrong age to start wearing a bra. You should start wearing a bra when you feel comfortable with one. If you want to where one but haven't started developing you can where a training bra.But if you have started to develop they can make you feel a lot more comfortable.

At what age should a girl wear a padded bra?

It is not so much an age thing, but when needed.

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