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Q: What age do children start buying their parents Christmas gifts?
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When do kids stop buying their parents Christmas presents?

Hopefully, they don't. Parents make a lot of sacrifices for their children and buying them gifts at Christmas (and their birthdays) is a very nice way to show them they are appreciated.

Who brings children gifts in Russia on Little Christmas?

their parents

Are children entitled to gifts from their parents?

It basically means if children can get gifts from their parents.

What do Romanian people do on Christmas morning?

On Christmas morning, Romanian children open their gifts. Their parents go to church or to friends and celebrate.

Traditionally why do parents lock a room at Christmas in Germany?

To keep the children away from the Christmas Tree and gifts until it is time to share them.

What age does a kid start buying their parents Christmas gifts?

a kid can start making hand made gifts at the age of 5 and can start buying small gifts from their pocket money as soon as they start getting pocket money(may be age 10)

Do churches take more money on Easter or Christmas?

They make more money on Easter since parents are not tight on money while buying gifts in the Christmas season.

How do you tell your employees that they will not be receiving a Christmas bonus this year?

Wait until the last minute... then crush their hopes in buying their children gifts for the holidays.

What is a broke Christmas?

When you go broke buying everyone gifts lol

When do french children get there Christmas presents?

French parents exchange presents on New Year's Day. Children receive gifts from parents on December 6th. This is Saint Nicholas day.

Who brings Christmas gifts to children in denmark?

The one who brings Christmas gifts in Denmark is Julemanden, or the Christmas father. The name is literally translated to The Christmas-man' or 'The Yule-Man'. He originated in Danish folklore centuries ago with a mythical figure who bright gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

What do you get your parents for Christmas?

Home made gifts like Christmas cards and all that stuff