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That is not always the case a preteen boy or girl are naturaly prone to exploring each others body parts, you should not demonize the human body

Answer: A preteen boy or girl who is sexually active or acts out in an inappropriate sexual manner is almost always a victim of sexual abuse. Further investigation is needed in order to protect the child. Answer: Actually, the youngest pregnancy on record was a 5 year old girl in Peru. There are numerous reports of other girls as young as 8 being pregnant, and even giving birth by caesarean section, and the babies produced lived.

A preteen child has no sexual desire, except that which is imposed from outside. The biologic imperative that drives sexuality is for the continuation of the species. Since a preteen child is unable to become pregnant, that does not apply.

When you consider that very young children are impressionable and prone to imitate their elder role models it makes it easy to understand why a preteen child may participate in acts that they neither understand nor desire, and that are ultimately harmful to the child.

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send them home to there parents at about 8:00 and there parents will tuck them in!!! your too young to think of this!!! especially if your pre teen...

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hygiene and confidence dude...

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Q: What about preteen girls desire of sex?
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