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Q: What NCAA sport has the highest percentage of lesbians?
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What coaches have the highest winning percentage in NCAA basketball?

Pat Summitt University of Tennessee Woman's Basketball coach with 952 wins. She passed Dean Smith in 2004-2005 season when she got her 880th win. As of March 2007 Bobby Knight was in second with 890 wins. Pat Summitt has been the head women's basketball coach at Tennessee since 1974. Her overall college coaching record is 953-180 (as of Dec-02-2007). Her first seven years (175-48) were under the aegis of the AIWA, not the NCAA. Her NCAA record is 778-132. Bobby Knight's overall NCAA coaching record is 895-363 (Dec 02-2007). I hope this clarifies the issue.

What is the highest team shooting percentage in a single game in NCAA men's basketball history?

In the 1985 Georgetown vs. Villanova championship game, Villanova set the record by shooting 79% from the field

What Grafton native has the highest winning percentage of all NCAA Division 1 basketball coaches?

Clair Francis Bee

Will power lifting be a NCAA sport?

Yes its a sport but not a schools have it.

What NCAA Division I mens basketball team has the highest home court winning percentage?

Phog Allen Fieldhouse, home to the Kansas Jayhawks, is widely regarded as the hardest place to play in all of college basketball. The Jayhawks own a a number of notable home winning streaks including a 55-game streak that ended in 1988, a 31-game streak that ended in 2006, and they own the longest home winning streak since 1992 of 69 straight wins, which ended in 2011.

Fastest growing sport in the NCAA?