What Darts players are gay?

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2010-04-29 15:59:43

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All of them

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2010-04-29 15:59:43
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Q: What Darts players are gay?
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What brand of darts do the professionals use?

They vary. The players can use whichever darts they wish .

How many darts players worldwide?

there are 13957 professional dart players in the world

Game in which players subtract from a starting score of 501?


Where do UK professional darts players buy their darts from?

Argos oj. They would never buy them, they'd simply be given them by the manufacturer.

Is there any gay NFL players?

There are no openly gay NFL players.

Do darts players drink beer to focus?

yh there do and when they win they get pissed

Is ocky a term used in darts?

That is the pronunciation, but it is spelt oche. It is a darts term, referring to the line players stand behind when they are taking their throws.

How many gay nfl players are there?

There are currently no openly gay NFL players.

How many darts are used in darts tournaments?

There are usually around 15 darts per player thrown during a match. The exact number used will vary depending on how accurate players are in their throws.

What is the plot of the book 'Planet Darts'?

The plot of the book 'Planet Darts' revolves around life on the professional darts circuit. It is a non fiction book following players such as Colin Lloyd as they try to make it.

How do you get better darts on cryptids island?

Each time you play a new series, you get darts. The first time, you use some beat-up darts that are harder to aim. When you retunr to play the other two players, you get batter darts. When the first player returns to challenge you, you use some excellent darts.

Which NFL Players are Gay?

Jackson, Smith,and Gay

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