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Bud Select: 3.1 carbs, 4.2% alcohol. Busch Light and Miller Lite are close to that too

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Q: What Beer has the highest alcohol to calories ratio?
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Can you have alcohol when taking ratio cefuroxime?

can you take cefuroxime and beer

What is the highest beer alcohol volume in Louisiana?


What state has the highest beer alcohol level?


How much sugar is in a can of beer?

The sugar content of beer is negligible, but beware, alcohol also has calories!

Which brand of beer has the highest alcohol content?

The Hair of the Dog Dave has the highest alcohol content which is 29% ABV.

Is beer better that alcohol when on a diet?

beer has a ridiculous amount of empty calories. no. like 800 per beer. do not lol

Does light beer have less alcohol?

Most light beer has both less alcohol and less calories than regular beer. Some also have less carbohydrates than regular beer.

What beer has the highest blood alcohol content?

Why do you care? Alcohol is evil and kills people.

Which has more calories wine or beer?

Light beer has about 99 calories in 12 ounces, or about 8 1/4 calories per ounce. Regular beer has about 132 calories in 12 ounces so about 12 calories per ounce. The more alcohol the more calories, so wine ranges in accordance with the amount of alcohol in it from about 16 calories per ounce for 9% alcohol content to about 26 calories per ounce for 15% alcohol content. And if the alcohol content goes higher, so do the calories. Then it depends on how much of each you drink because people usually drink more beer than wine, and of course, you'd need to know whether it's light or regular beer, and for wine you'd need to know what the alcohol content is, and how much you're being served. But the short answer is that wine apparently has more calories per ounce than beer does.

What beer contain the least amount of alcohol?

Beck's Light has 2.3% alcohol and 64 calories Bud Select 55 only has 2.4% alcohol and 55 calories

How much alcohol does beer have in it?

Depends what types of beer,Turbodorg have 4.6% alcohol,you can find all types and all brands of beers by detalied statistics( alcohol,calories,carbs).

Which belgium beer has the highest alcohol content?

Bush. It's terrible.