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None are in the marijuana itself. Some of the chemicals caused by combustion (lighting things on fire) are poisonous.

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Q: What 2 poison are in marijuana?
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Can you smoke marijuana while having poison sumac?

The question is not can you smoke marijuana while having poison sumac, but WHY are you asking if you can smoke marijuana while having poison sumac? That is the question.

What is the difference between poison ivy and marijuana?

Whoever asked this question needs a new brain. Marijuana and Poison Ivy are as different as a human is to a cat. Poison ivy is legal to possess or grow, marijuana is not. Never smoke poison ivy it can literally KILL YOU

What types of plants resemble Marijuana?

poison oak

What does each poison in marijuana do to your body?

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What would happen if you put mix alcohol wit water then feed it 2 a marijuana plant?

Alcohol is a cellular poison. Don't put it on plants.

What is fake marijuana?

weed mixed with poisons like Battery acid or rat poison

What poisons are in marijuana?

There are no poisons in marijuana. Poison can be added to marijuana, but that is a very rare, almost unheard of, occurrence.For decades, there have been rumors that marijuana is often laced with dangerous drugs, like PCP. But there is no truth to these rumors. These rumors don't even make sense. No drug dealer on earth would give drugs away for free, by adding them to marijuana and selling it for the same price as regular marijuana. Drug dealers do not give drugs away for free, EVER.It is certainly possible that there have been instances of marijuana being laced with poison or PCP. But it is certainly not a common occurrence.

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Because people are stupid.

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