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The planning step entails determining the test phase’s broad direction and objective, as well as the specifics of why, when, and where to test. When a test motivator is present, such as a specific need that must be validated, tests are produced.

A test plan is a document that describes the scope, approach, resources, and schedule for the testing activities that will be performed.

Without a thorough Test Plan, a project may fail. In the development of large software systems, test planning is especially critical.

Test Plan in Test Management

In the test management, for a test plan following testing information are captured for an impending testing effort:

Release cycle/Sprint

Test Objective

Exit /Suspension Criteria

Resource Planning – Assign test cases to testers

Test Deliverables

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Test Plan and Test Strategy are two critical documents in the field of software testing, and they serve different purposes within the testing process. Here's a breakdown of the key differences between them:


Test Plan: A Test Plan is a detailed document that outlines the scope, objectives, resources, schedule, and approach for a specific testing project. It provides a roadmap for the testing effort and guides the testing team throughout the project.

Test Strategy: A Test Strategy is a higher-level document that defines the overall testing approach, methodologies, and techniques that will be used across multiple projects or phases. It sets the direction for the testing process.


Test Plan: It focuses on a specific testing project, such as a particular software application, feature, or release.

Test Strategy: It covers a broader scope, often encompassing multiple testing projects or phases within an organization.


Test Plan: It includes detailed information about test objectives, test scope, test deliverables, test schedules, resource requirements, test environments, test cases, and defect management.

Test Strategy: It outlines high-level information about the testing approach, types of testing (e.g., functional, performance, security), test levels (e.g., unit, integration, system), and testing tools and techniques that will be used consistently across projects.

Level of Detail:

Test Plan: It is a more detailed document, providing specifics about what, how, when, and who will be involved in testing.

Test Strategy: It is less detailed and focuses on the overarching approach, leaving specific project details to individual Test Plans.


Test Plan: It is created after the Test Strategy and is tailored to a specific project within the context defined by the Test Strategy.

Test Strategy: It is created before the Test Plan and serves as a foundational document that influences and guides the creation of individual Test Plans.


Test Plan: Its primary audience includes the project team, including testers, developers, and project managers, who need specific details for a particular testing project.

Test Strategy: It is intended for a broader audience, including stakeholders, management, and QA teams, to understand the overall approach to testing within the organization.


Test Plan: It is less flexible because it's tailored to the specifics of a single project.

Test Strategy: It allows for greater flexibility since it sets guidelines that can be adapted and applied to various projects.

In summary, while both Test Plans and Test Strategies play vital roles in software testing, the Test Strategy provides a high-level, organization-wide perspective on how testing will be approached, while the Test Plan delves into the specific details of a particular testing project. The two documents complement each other and work together to ensure successful testing efforts.


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Test Plan ; Test Plan is plan of action which is created by Test manager, Test lead where focus is on Timelines, Resources, Entry and Exit criteria, Strategy to follow to complete test,(Black box white Box ) Tools req will come under Test Plan.

Test Plan is project related (project wide)

Test Plan be One or two or multiples,

Test Plan can be changeable.

Test strategy

Test Strategy is organization wide term.

Strategy define by project manager, Team lead ,

Strategy we can not change easily.

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Q: What is the difference between the Test Plan and Test Strategy?
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