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Coronaphobia is a new term introduced in 2020 during the hard-hit of coronavirus. Coronavirus has turned into coronaphobia because things are getting dangerous day by day, and it has affected people’s mental health. According to the Google trends, mental disorder related keywords searched many times during covid 19 as compared to the prior pandemic.

Thus, to cure anxiety and depression that occurs due to coronavirus, people have started to get medical treatments like antidepressants like yellow Xanax.

Trust me, Buy Yellow Xanax Online is slang and a common name for non-medical people, and it is easy to call out rather than using its chemical terminology.

Christmas is a time of happiness and spreading joy all over and hear and there.

Side Effects of Xanax during Christmas

It will show you some side effects—common side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, breathing problem, and amnesia if you over-consume the drug.

Hence, the doctor advised Xanax users never to drive or go alone while taking Xanax pills Online.

While taking Xanax with alcohol, it shows some severe side-effects, including addiction, low blood pressure, constipation, rashes, and blurred vision. Long-term use of Xanax may cause a delay in the withdrawal of the medicine.

Also, many people have observed some side-effects if they stop the treatment. These symptoms are insomnia, hallucination, aggression.

If you face any of these types of issues, you should immediately go to your regular physician.

Yellow Xanax helping medication amid covid 19

According to the study, the yellow Xanax (anti-anxiety pill) consumption rate has increased since the lockdown started. This is evidence of the medicine being useful to calm the brain positively.

Besides that, the Xanax market is now filled with a fake form of yellow Xanax in a huge quantity. Children and teenagers are taking yellow Xanax bars without any prescription somehow. It is going to affect their academic performances.

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Q: What Coronaphobia during Christmas 2020?
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