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your baby doctor could do a paternity test while you are pregnant, but most doctor's won't because of the risk of loosing the baby, i would wait until the child is born and go to child support and they will do the test for free for you, and you won't have to worry about possibly loosing your baby or your baby having problems later in life from the needles that they have to use to get the dna. i asked my doctor the same thing and did some extensive research on it.

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Q: Were to get a free DNA test while pregnant?
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Can you know who the father is while pregnant?

yes, with a DNA test. go see a doctor.

Can you take a paternity test when she is pregnant?

Yes, but there is a chance that it may harm the baby. Yes, you can order a prenatal DNA paternity test.

Can i get a DNA test while im pregnant?

I'm assuming that your referring to a paternity test. A paternity test is a DNA test used to find out the father of a child. It is possible but you must discuss it with your doctor.However, if you were referring to checking your DNA, then it is entirely possible and safe to do while you are pregnant.

Can an amnio test while pregnant also tell you if your babys father was white or black?

They can do a DNA test with Amnio fluid. I think the test is like 3000 dollars though.

is there a free dna testing site in springfield missouri?

There is no free DNA testing, but at the KT Health clinic they will test you if it is for legal or court reasons.

What paternity test do you use if a girl may be pregnant by cousins?

everyone's DNA is different so any test will be accurate

What if you got a fifteen year old pregnant while you were eighteen but she was sixteen when she had it should you do the DNA test to see if its yours or would that bring trouble to you?

You only need to use a DNA test if one or both the partners are unsure who the father is. If you both know it is yours then don't do the test. You know you should not have been having sex with a minor and it is that that could bring trouble not the test.

Your friend is being blackmailed by a pregnant female who is promiscuous What can he do to prove the baby isn't his?

DNA test.

How to find out your boyfriend got another girl pregnant?

A DNA Test would be a good idea !!

You slept with a man in September and got your period in october you slept with another guy in october and well pregnant in November you are now 19 weeks pregnant whose baby is it?

It could belong to either man. Women can continue to have their periods while pregnant. You will only know for sure if the baby has a DNA test, and both men agree to have DNA tests.

One man ejaculated inside you the other pulled out who are you pregnant by?

Impossible to say. You have to wait for the DNA test.

where can i get an dna test done that is free i am a single mother of a month old baby ?

To get your DNA test ,you should be courageous first and try to get some doctors advice and you do that for free in government hospitals and in some private aids awareness trusts.