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It really needs full attention.It means that the land is borrowed of his children ancestors.It will not claim inheritance.

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Q: We do not inherit the land of your ancestors we borrow it from your children?
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What if your father died with out a will and owned land in puerto rico who gets the land?

His heirs (children) or the gov.

What does Land tenure refer to?

Land tenure refer to land ownership or occupancy. This is a legal term that is used in common law to show who holds a land.

Landowner owes a duty care to?

A possessor of land owes each person who enters his land a certain duty of care based on the person's status. The legal significance is that a possessor of land has the duty to an invitee to inspect the premises for hidden defects and to repair or erect safeguards, if necessary, to make the premises reasonably safe. He has no duty to inspect or to repair or erect safeguards for licensees. But he is liable if he knows of a condition, realizes it involves unreasonable risk, has reason to believe the licensee will not discover it, and he permits the licensee to enter or remain without warning or making the condition reasonably safe. Generally, an owner owes trespassers no duty of care because he has no reason to expect them to be on his property. Therefore, he does not have to warn or protect them from potentially harmful conditions on the property. However, an exception applies if a property owner knows, or has reason to anticipate, that children will trespass on his land. In this case, a special duty arises and the owner must take steps to protect children from any of the property's dangerous conditions. This can be done by taking reasonable steps to eliminate the condition or by otherwise keeping children away from it.

What did the Lenape believe about the ownership of the land they farmed?

they did not believe that they owned land

What law gave land to settlers?

Land Ordinance Act and Proclaimation of 1783

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Mother has 8 children owns farm doesn't want sold after death what to do?

She can put the land on her will before she dies and one of her children will inherit it.

How do you have a land title?

You either inherit or purchase a piece of land.

If the husband dies in Texas and there are no children who does his inherited undivided land go to?

Any property that he had will become a part of his estate. Usually the spouse will inherit it all, but there may be some provision for parents to inherit part of the property if there are no children. A will is important! And you would need to consult an attorney in Texas for specific rules.

What tribe in Israel did not inherit land in Canaan?


Can someone who stands to inherit land lose it if they are in or file bankruptcy?

If the person who currently owns the land is not yet deceased, then the person who may inherit the land has no current interest in the property. This has no effect on bankruptcy proceedings.

How do animals evolve to marine animals if their ancestors were land animals?

well over time the land animals change a little and they need to be underwater to live unlike their land animal ancestors

According to colonial laws women were?

allowed to inherit land.

Who bought up your ancestors from the land of egypt?


What did the German Empire inherit from Prussia?

... land, maybe a little culture...

If you inherited land from your parents and it started out with 10 children but three have died do the children of the ones that died inherit the deceased brother or sister's portion of the land?

It will depend on how the land was divided in the original inheritence. If it was left to the ten children as tenants in common, each of them have equal rights in the property. On one of their deaths, their share in the property would go into their estate and then to their heirs. In this case, it would go to the children of the deceased. If they were joint tenants, the last of the ten children to survive would get full title to the property and the children of the original inheritor would get nothing.

What animals moved to land and changed into reptiles?

The reptiles ancestors

What does inherit mean with examples?

The verb inherit means receiving something especially money or property as an heir following the death of its first holder, for example, the word can be used as -Martin will inherit the family land.