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No, according to Imdb.

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Q: Was veronica Hamel in Dallas TV show?
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What TV show beginning with a V?

Veronica Mars?

What TV Show Starts with V?

Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell starred in Veronica...?

Kristen Bell starred in the hit TV show "Veronica Mars" and "When In Rome"

What type of show is Dallas TV?

The show called "Dallas TV" is a soap opera show. The program known as "Dallas TV" was one of "Time" magazine's "Best 100 TV Shows Of All Time" in the year 2007.

What is Veronica's last name in Saddle Club?

Veronica diAngelo is the full name of the character on the TV show "The Saddle Club".

In what year did the TV show Veronica Mars first air?


What is veronica montelogo doing now?

As of 2013, Veronica Montelongo is an actress that starred in the 2006 to 2008 show called Flip This House. As of August 2013, Veronica is still acting and she will be in the 2013 TV show called Mission Park.

What kind of TV show is Veronica Mars?

Veronica Mars is a teenager who desires to be a private detective, she works with her dad learning what to do. This is a mixture between a TV detective show and a teenage flic type show but oesnt really work on either level.

Name a TV show that starts with a D?


What was the name of the TV cop show where the lead was a female student?

Got it, it was Veronica Mars.

In which town does the TV show Veronica Mars take place?

Neptune, California

Is there a tv show called se vale sonar and who hosts it?

The show is real it is hsoted by Veronica Velasco, TV Azteca. I was one of the guest. Cheers