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Q: Was there still slavery in 1880 in the US?
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Where was slavery not abolished in 1880?

There are many places where slavery was not abolished in 1880. In many places it had already been outlawed. In addition there are many places today where it still happens.

When did Brazil abolish slavery?

Brazil abolished slavery in the 1880's.

What happened to slavery after the revolution?

Slavery still existed after the US revolution. In parts of the world it still exists.

Is their still slavery in the us?

As of August 2014, there is no slavery allowed in the United States. Slavery was abolished on December 6, 1865.

What states in the US still have slavery?

Where have you been slavery is illegal unless you talking about sex slaves

Is there slavery in the US today?

Yes in some ways it still is slavery going on now.

Which two states in the us does slavery still exist?


Which was these was still a problem after the US constitution was written?

slavery and the slave trade were still legal

Which of these was still a problem after the US Constitution was writtin?

Slavery and the slave traid were still legal.

What was still a problem after the US Constitution was written?

Slavery and the slave trade were still legal.

Was slavery been around for over 200 years?

Slavery has been with us sin before recorded history. It is still with us today

Is it possible for slavery to come back?

Slavery has never left and still exists. People around the world are still slaves and sold into slavery everyday. Even in the US people are found that are slaves.