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You could probably find muzzle loaders with this measurement, but I've never heard of a cartridge gun in 14 guage.

Shotgun Bore Sizes

The gauge number of a shotgun is the number of lead spheres the same diameter of the bore it takes to equal a 1 pound mass. The density of lead being 710 pounds/cubic foot.

4 gauge = .935 Inch Dia Bore 8 gauge = .835 10 gauge = .775 12 gauge = .729 14 gauge = .693 16 gauge = .662 20 gauge = .615 24 gauge = .580 28 gauge = .550 32 gauge = .501 67 gauge = .410

Yes the 14 gauge was made I have one no joke everyone I talk to says no but when your holding the gun it hard to believe it wasn't made. I have one empty shell for the gun it looks like any other paper shell. I'm looking for info on this gun.

Note from Rodders.

I have a fourteen gauge hand crimper fo making cartridges., pin or centrwe fire. I also understand that a deceased member of the Royal Family had a brace of Purdey guns made for them in 14 bore. I had in my early working years, worked for a gentleman whose main object in life was to shoot as oten as possible. The gun room was full of various guns from 4 bores and elephant guns to a wonderful 4.10 over and under shotgun, with a .22 rifle running the top rib.

Yes, there is a 14 gauge shotgun (and 18 and 11 also). Not many I think. The Blue Book of guns .5% of Lafever (spelling) was 14 gauge, so they made maybe 300 or 400 total. Bob


History of the Martini Greener Police Shotgun

These guns have a remarkable history as they evolved from the British Martini Henry of Zulu war fame. They were manufactured by W.W. Greener, one of the most legendary arms factories in Britain.

These single-shot shotguns, built on the famous Military Martini rifle action, were made in England for Egyptian police and used in the early 20th century.

These guns were a classic large Martini dropping block design with two modifications.

• A safety lever was added to the right side.

• The guns were chambered for a special 14 gauge bottleneck shell with an annular groove in the base which provided clearance for the primer.

This groove design prevented bandits or ''terrorists'' from using guns captured or stolen from the police, as ordinary shells could not be fired from these guns.

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I have a percussion Lord & Storms

(Norwich) percussion side by side shotgun in 14 ga. .693.

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Q: Was there ever a 14 gauge shotgun?
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