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No, the hydrogen fusion bomb was not developed until 1952. The first nuclear weapons were developed and used in combat in 1945.

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Q: Was the h bomb the first nuclear weapon?
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Who thought of the idea to make a nuclear bomb?

H. G. Wells in his 1914 novel "The World Set Free" was the first to publish on the use of nuclear bombs in a war, he was the first to use the term atomic bomb to refer to bombs that obtain their energy from inside the atom (rather then from chemical reactions between atoms/molecules).Note: H. G. Wells atomic bombs were not based on using nuclear fission or nuclear fusion (as the real bombs are), as the nucleus of the atom had not yet been discovered and neither nuclear fission nor nuclear fusion had been discovered. As the only method of releasing the energy of the atom known at the time was radioactive decay, H. G. Wells based his atomic bombs (and atomic engines) on a hypothetical method of "accelerated radioactive decay".

What weapon did the US build in 1952?

During the Cold War (when US want the world to be capitalist while Russia wanted it to be communist) in 1950, US President Harry S. Truman authorized the invention of a bomb stronger than the atomic bomb (A-bomb), which both US and Russia already had in their arsenals, just in case if there would be a World War III when World War II just ended. The US tested its first H-bomb (hydrogen bomb) in 1952, which was thousands of times stronger than the A-bomb, then the Soviet Union (Russia) tested their own H-bomb in 1953.

When did H-Bomb Ferguson die?

H-Bomb Ferguson died in 2006.

'Father of the H-Bomb'?

T A Oppenheimer

Who invented atom bomb and who propounded the theory of atom bomb?

H. G. Wells used the words "atomic bomb" in his 1914 novel The World Set Free.Leo Szilard filed the first atomic bomb related patent in 1934, on the neutron chain reaction.A joint German and Swedish team discovered nuclear fission in uranium-235 in 1939.The US Manhattan Project developed the infrastructure to build atomic bombs, beginning production in 1945. This project employed tens of thousands of workers.

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What does the h in h-bomb stand for?

The "h" in "h-bomb" stands for "hydrogen." The hydrogen bomb is a type of nuclear weapon that uses nuclear fusion to release energy.

Which is most powerful the hydrogen bomb the atom bomb or the uranium bomb?

The 'uranium bomb' is an A-bomb and is a first generation nuclear weapon. The hydrogen bomb or H-bomb is a 2nd generation nuclear weapon and generally many times more powerful. 'H-bomb' can also refer to 3rd generation nuclear weapons that have an additional mass off uranium to provide further fuel, triggered by the 2nd generation fusion reaction; these are the most powerful. But recent studies show that the H-Bomb has more mass, therefore more energy, and therefore has more energy. So the H-bomb is more powerful.

Does the H bomb have radiation?

Yes. Hydrogen bombs are, in fact, a variety of atomic weapon.

Is the H-bomb a nuclear bomb and does it have fall out?

yes & yes

What are the release dates for Nuclear Secrets - 2007 The H-Bomb?

Nuclear Secrets - 2007 The H-Bomb was released on: USA: 30 August 2007

What is the worlds deadliest bomb?

The bomb capable of causing the most damage would be a large fusion type nuclear weapon, commonly called the H Bomb or Hydrogen Bomb. However, if it is close enough to you, even a very small regular bomb was be as deadly as could be to that person.

What was discovered in the ashes of the first h-bomb?

The discovery in the ashes of the first H-bomb was the element einsteinium. This element was created during the nuclear fusion reactions that occurred in the bomb. Einsteinium is a synthetic element named after physicist Albert Einstein.

What are the release dates for Ultimate Weapon The H-Bomb Dilemma - 2000 TV?

Ultimate Weapon The H-Bomb Dilemma - 2000 TV was released on: USA: 6 August 2000

Is a hydrogen bomb the most powerful?

With a fission bomb (A-bomb) there is a limit of how large it can be. With a fusion bomb (H-bomb), there is NO limit to how large one can be. There may be a limit as to the size of a DELIVERABLE fusion bomb. But an H-bomb that isn't intended to be moved anywhere doesn't have a yield (size/power) limit. So yes, an H bomb is the most powerful weapon that mankind has create, to date. An antimatter bomb could be more powerful, but mankind has yet been able to collect, handle, store antimatter in sufficient amounts as to create a powerful weapon.

Who is the father of the H-bomb?

Edward Teller, commonly known as the "father of the H-Bomb" for his hand in developing nuclear weapons.

What is the purpose of an h bomb?

The H bomb is short for hydrogen bomb. It is used as a thermonuclear weapon and the only purpose of it is to destroy things or people efficiently and on a large scale.

What weapon was developed during the cold war that was more powerful than the atomic bomb?