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yes for a target scope .

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Q: Was the Winchester model 75 sporter ever drilled and tapped from the factory?
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How can you mount a scope on a Winchester model 1300 defender pump shotgun?

Have it drilled and tapped by a good gunsmith.

Is a Remington model 4407 drilled and tapped?


What is tapped hole?

That is hole that has been drilled, then had a thread 'tapped' into it so you can insert a machine screw or bolt.

Is Marlin 883 drilled and tapped for scope bases?

no it has a 3/8 dovetail rail

How do we collect natural gas?

Shafts are drilled deep into the ground and the gas is tapped and brought to the surface.

What kind of base mounts are needed for a JC Higgins 22 cal rifle Model 10313 that has two pairs of tapped screw holes on the side of the bolt housing and chamber?

That gun was made by Marlin for Sears, and those holes are not factory. Someone has drilled and tapped it for (probably) a Weaver side-mount base.

Is the caliper drilled and tapped to hold the caliper in place on a 1996 blazer or is the spindle?

The spindle/caliper bracket is threaded.

Is a glenfield scope 4x32 stock on a marlin 39a?

The typical Marlin 39A does not have a scope. They are drilled and tapped that one can be added.

What is a Remington woodsmaster 750?

The Woodsmaster 750 is Remington's gas-operated, semi-automatic action, center-fire rifle. It comes fitted with either a walnut or synthetic stock, a detachable magazine, 18.5" or 22" barrel with iron sights (the receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mount). It is available in the following calibers: .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield and .35 Whelen.

Can you put a scope on a 270 bolt action rifle?

if it did not come with the provision to mount a scope on it you can take it to a gunsmith and have it drilled and tapped for one.

What size is a Remington 760 drilled and tapped for scope mounts?

Check the scope mount makers web sites or call Remington.

How can you mount a scope on a Stevens Savage 12 gauge pump model 520?

The receiver will need to be drilled and tapped for a mount. See a gunsmith.