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Was the freedmen bureau successful?

a. Yes in many cases but not 100 percent.

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Q: Was the Freedmen bureau successful
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What established schools for former slaves during Reconstruction?

It was the Freedmen's Bureau.

When did the Freedmen's Bureau start?

3 examples of Freedmen's Bureau?

What were the accomplishments of the freedmen bureau?

Some of the accomplishments of the Freedmen's bureau is that it gave a helping hand to the destitute.

What were the accomplishments of the freedmen's bureau-?

Some of the accomplishments of the Freedmen's bureau is that it gave a helping hand to the destitute.

How effective was the Freedman's Bureau?

The Freedmen's Bureau was effective in that they coordinated the educational activities of various church groups. By 1869 the Bureau oversaw 3,000 schools servicing 150,000 Black students. In may respects the Bureau was successful. For example, Black freedom schools in the South were the first chance for Freedmen to obtain an education.

Why is freedmen's bureau important?

The freedmen's bureau is important because it helped to better the lives of blacks after slavery.

What was a limitation of the Freedmen's Bureau?

Due to being understaffed and without substantial funds, The Freedmen's Bureau failed to purchase enough land to fulfill their commitment to the newly freed slaves. The Bureau was more successful with getting Black men registered to vote, establishing schools and serving as legal council.

What was the failure of the freedmen's bureau?

it was that no one support the bureau

Which President was in power when the Freedmen's Bureau was disbanded?

The Freedmen's Bureau was disbanded during the presidency of Andrew Johnson.

How did the north feel about Freedmen's Bureau?


What the Freedmen's Bureau did?

freed people

What has the author Howard A White written?

Howard A. White has written: 'The Freedmen's Bureau in Louisiana' -- subject(s): Freedmen, United States, United States. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands