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Isabella Queen Isabella was born April 22, 1451 in Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Spain. She was the second child to John II of Castile and was never expected to reign in Spain. Her father died when she was three and then her brother Henry IV took the thrown. Henry was charged for being a tyrant so Isabella's other brother took control until his death. Isabella took the position as Queen of Spain about the same time she married Ferdinand of Aragon. Isabella was a strong and influential woman in power so she stood up to her husband and didn't let him rule both of their countries.

Queen Isabella is known most for sending Christopher Columbus who discovered America. Isabella was a devout Catholic and felt that sending Columbus would help spread Catholicism to new countries. Isabella had a heart for the American Indians that Columbus encountered in America. After Columbus's poor treatment the American Indians, Isabella ordered Columbus to be chastised for his actions.

Isabella is also known as Isabella the Catholic since one of her main goals was to spread Catholicism. Even though her spread of Catholicism caused her to prosecute many Jews and Muslims, it helped unify Spain. The unity of Spain helped Spain gain international standing and helped the country grow to be a global empire. Many people in Spain see Isabella as a national hero and some people feel that she should be considered a saint.

I see Isabella as a hero since she was an influential woman ruler in a time when women did not have any power. She held her ground and didn't let her husband take control of her country. She also raised a family while ruling a country. She made sure that both her sons and daughters received an equal education. In her spare time, Isabella could be seen on the battlefield supporting the soldiers. Modern day feminist feel that Isabella was a feminist since she fought to promote a woman's right to be a leader and a hero in Spain.

Isabella Isabella was the first women to be celebrated on a United States coin. The coin celebrated the 400th anniversary of Columbus finding America. If Isabella didn't send Columbus to America, history would've been completely different. We don't know if America would have been the country it is now without the help of Columbus's discovery. Isabella was a strong woman leader who has had great influences in many different areas. She might not have been free of blemishes in her past, but her influence helped Spain grow in political power. She also helped the spread of Catholicism.

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Q: Was Queen Isabella against slavery
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