Walkthrough for doodle devil

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes Doodle Devil has been released with a flash version, you can find a walkthrough here:

Play Game Here:

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Q: Walkthrough for doodle devil
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How do you make war in doodle devil?

In Doodle Devil, you can make 'War' by combining 'Politician' and 'Pride.'

How do you make a devil on doodle devil?

well u cant..........................

Are there any games like alxemy on the internet?

Yes. Doodle God, Doodle God 2, and Doodle Devil

Why is doodle devil only on iPod?

It's not.

How do you make everything in doodle devil?

you dont

How do you get mechanism on doodle devil?

Metal + Work

How do you get chaos in doodle devil?

You get it when you unlock War.

How do you get TNT on doodle devil?

Oil + Acid

What are some Doodle God cheats?

See Related Link for Cheats, as well as a walkthrough.

How do you make a sloth in doodle devil?

you kiss the device

How do you make heresty in doodle devil?

Sin + Religion

How do you make a spell in doodle devil?

Magic + knowledge