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Bruce Westenfield

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Q: Wal-Mart district managers names
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What are the names of all of the hunger games contestants in book one?

District 1: Marvel & Glimmer District 2: Cato & Clove District 3: Names not specified District 4: Names not specified District 5: Boy's name not specified & Foxface District 6: Names not specified District 7: Names not specified District 8: Names not specified District 9: Names not specified District 10: Names not specified District 11: Thresh & Rue District 12: Katniss & Peeta

What are the names of the managers of mindless behavior?

walter and keash

Is Bogota a district?

in Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games "Bogota" is not a district. The district names in the are District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 6, District 7, District 8, District 9, District 10, District 11, and District 12.

What is the people in every district like from the Hunger Games?

District One- Luxury, Glimmer and Marvel District Two- Masonry, Clove and Cato District Three- Electronics, Both names unknown District Four- Fishing, Both names unknown District Five- I'm not %100 sure but, I think it is power, Names never given, but Katniss nicknamed girl "fox face" District Six- I think it's transportation, Both names unknown District Seven- Lumber, Unknown District Eight- Textiles, Unknown District Nine- Grain, Unknown District Ten- Livestock, Unknown District Eleven- Agriculture, Rue and Thresh District 12 - Coal Mining, Katniss and Peeta ( Prim was supposed to take Katnisses Place, But Katniss volunteered.) District 13- now blown up, but was Graphite Mining, Never heard of, Unknown

What were the names of the tributes from district 1?

glimmer and mavel

Are Walmart and Walgreens related?

No. Their names just sound the same.

What do you have to do for the federal government election?

The names of the candidates in your electoral district.

What is the congressional district number for Downey?

Names of downey chambers

How many chhattisgarh distric?

There are total 27 district in Chhattisgarh. Following are the names of Chhattisgarh district:-BalodBaloda BazarBalrampurBastarBemetaraBijapurBilaspurDantewadaDhamtariDurgGariabandJanjgir-ChampaJashpurKabirdhamKankerKondagaonKorbaKoriyaMahasamundMungeliNarayanpurRaigarhRaipurRajnandgaonSukmaSurajpurSurguja

How many countries is Walmart located in?

Walmart has stores in over 27 countries. It also has 55 different names that are used in the different countries.

What are the names of the Hunger Games trbutes?

District 1- Glimmer and Marvel District 2- Clove and Cato District 3 -Unknown District 4- Unknown District 5- Foxface and Unknown District 6-Unknown District 7- Unknown District 8- Unknown District 9- Unknown District 10 - Unknown District 11- Rue and Thresh District 12- Katniss and Peeta

List the names of taluks in each district of Tamil nadu?