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You may find one at a gun show in the $400-500 range, and it's been a long time since I have seen one go for less than $350. Everyone will tell you about the one they bought for $250, but if I saw another one at that I would own 3. I own 2, and I will always own at least 1. In fact, I own a Tulsa Police model. The 170 is the badge number who carried it, and the serial number will be 3 letters and some numbers (AAKxxxxxx, or so--located on the butt, probably under the grip if it has the rubber Pachmyer that TPD used). In about 1992, officers had the chance to buy their service piece for $125, when the dept went to autos.

As an aside, there was a recall on the 681 and 681-1 models. Most department guns had it done if it needed it, and I would guess yours has (mine was). The way to tell is to open the cylinder and check for the model number on the yoke. If it is 681 or 681-1, it should have a letter "M" stamped over it. If not, call S&W and give them the serial number and if it needs it they will do it for free. Not dangerous, but can lock the cylinder up if shooting extremely hot loads (so they say).

If you are planning on selling it, think long and hard about it. These don't come up for sale all that often because they are incredibly fine revolvers. I would venture to say that it is the finest balanced handgun I have ever fired. I loaned my police model to my dad, which is why I had to buy another.

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Do you still have this firearm? I am looking for a TPD issued.

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Q: Value of smith Wesson 681 serial number 171 Original Tulsa police department issue?
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